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    Zehnder’s Frankenmuth Snowfest 2022 | Events, Dates, Schedule

    Zehnder’s Snowfest in Frankenmuth: Incredible Ice Carving Festival and Competition in Michigan! | By Sherry Trautman | Traveling Michigan

    • Don’t you just love Michigan winter ice carving festivals?  

    Every January, Zehnder’s throws one heck of a Frankenmuth Snowfest festival.  It’s a great excuse to bundle up in the middle of Michigan’s winter and eat some famous Frankenmuth fried chicken, shop at the River Place Shops and of course, watch amazingly talented ice artists carve massive slabs of ice into submission! 

    Zehnder’s Snowfest is one of my favorite things to do in Michigan in winter!

    Insider Frankenmuth Snowfest Tips

    • Arrive early.  See my notes in the next section about that. 
    • If you want to indulge in a famous chicken dinner, I would make reservations immediately upon arriving. 
    • Take note of the tiny clay sculptures on display in front of the ice sculptures.  It shows you the intent of what the finished ice sculpture will look like.
    • Weekday visits are much less busy so it’s easier to park and navigate.
    • Bathrooms are located in the Bavarian Inn and Zehnder’s restaurants.
    • If the weather is exceedingly cold, check out the warming tent located in Zehnder’s parking lot.  They also have maps of the festival.  
    • If you are limited on time, the majority of the sculptures are located within Zehnder’s and Bavarian Inn’s parking lots. 
    • If you appreciate good beer, then you won’t want to miss Zehnder’s Snowfest Tap Takeover in Zehnder’s Tap Room. 
    • For a festival map and a complete schedule of events, visit Zehnder’s Snowfest Schedule.

    Zehnder’s Snowfest Schedule 2022

    Did you know that Zehnder’s Snowfest is one of the top snow and ice sculpting events in North America? 

    Things to do at Snowfest 2022!

    • Fireworks display
    • Petting zoo 
    • Children’s activities

    Best Time to Attend the Frankenmuth Snowfest 

    If you are looking to enjoy this Frankenmuth ice festival without mass crowds, I would recommend going during the week and arrive before noon. The only thing to know is that the sculptures will not be finished yet. 

    But that’s also my favorite time to go! I relish in watching the talented snow artists perfect their sculptures.  It’s like magic as they transform the massive blocks of ice or snow into realistic rabbits, spiders, dragons or anything the artist can fathom! 

    I like going to Frankenmuth Snow Fest about two days after the festival starts because the artists are well into their sculptures but it’s not the last day so they have time to talk and interact with you.  In other words, they are not panicked as the time frame creeps near.  

    Watch an Artist Wield a Massive Saw to transform a Giant Ice Sculpture During the Frankenmuth Ice Festival!

    Where to Park During Frankenmuth Snowfest

    Like I mentioned above, I would arrive well before noon if you want to park near the sculptures. The best place to park, in my opinion, is right behind Zehnder’s Restaurant.  They have a monster paved lot, but it will be packed after noon.  Parking is also available in the Bavarian Inn lot and River Place Shops. 

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