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    Working wife continues to support husband who left

    Dear Abby: My husband of 35 years moved out three years ago. We live only a block apart, and I contribute a lot to his household because he’s on disability and doesn’t have enough money to make it through the month. I have a great job and travel as a photographer. My job is the reason he moved out. According to him, I was “gone too much.”

    Recently, we have discussed the possibility of divorcing. Although he hasn’t done it yet, he has expressed interest in dating a man. But then he pulls me back in with the “I love you, and can’t live without you” stuff. I don’t know what to do. He is hostile when I’m away at work and constantly accuses me of cheating. I am at a loss. Please help.

    — In a Fix in Alabama

    Dear In A Fix: If your estranged husband is expressing interest in dating another man, the chances are pretty good that he has already given it a try. Another tip-off is the fact that he is “constantly” accusing you of cheating. There’s an old French saying that translates to something like this: “A man doesn’t look behind the door unless he has stood there himself.” Talk to an attorney and find out what the legal grounds for divorce are in the great state of Alabama. Adultery and desertion may be two of them, which means you might qualify.

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