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Monday, November 29, 2021

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    The savory side of pie

    Brian Polcyn gets it.

    Two-income households, soccer practice, busy lives … Convenience gets meals on the table.

    Still, the Milford-based chef and cookbook author who’s helmed several successful area restaurants wants to keep the tradition of homemade savory pies going. He’s certain home cooks can do it, too.

    Savory pies hot from the oven are just the thing now as bone-chilling weather sharpens our hunger for hearty fare. Something versatile. Nostalgic. Something old school. Very old school.

    “Meat pies trace to the Middle Ages,” says culinary historian and cookbook author William Woys Weaver. “They were a key feature in colonial cookery. That tradition continued to evolve.”

    Potpies have sustained us through times good and bad. Post-9/11, chicken potpie was ubiquitous on both humble and upper crust menus. Potpie survived the no carb craze and appeased palates during the pandemic. It’s a comfort food that endures.

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