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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

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    Protect your home when you’re far away

    OK.  I guess we can all finally admit summer is gone and it’s time to either shut down and abandon the lake house or even the main house and leave the state altogether for a few months.

    But what about that house you’re leaving behind? How can you help it survive the onslaught of winter and be ready for you again in the spring?

    The first consideration is always water,  whether it comes from the roof or broken pipes, or the high humidity from crawl spaces and concrete slabs.

    Walk around the house and take a look at the roof and roof edges. Does everything look solid and intact? Are the gutters cleaned and well secured to the eaves? Do the downspouts carry water well away from the foundation?

    You might insert the downspout ends into lengths of plastic pipe laying on the ground to carry rainwater well away from the home.

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