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    Be Thankful This Thanksgiving – But Get Your Holiday Shopping List Here

    I want to write something fabulous about Thanksgiving and about being thankful for what we have — But it seems that since Covid, every company and product on the planet is offering a continual Black Friday Deal. Although, of course, the businesses around here started Black Friday before Halloween — where’s the tradition in that? Still, I keep getting emails and texts (and yes, demands — “where’s your holiday list?”) about getting this list out — so here goes.

    Almost all products listed here have claimed an additional percentage off their products online — so please check out the discounts and get extra savings this time around. I have one thought I’ve not said before — hop online and order early (like today). I have an itchy suspicion that the supply could be slower this year.

    Platin Audio System

    1. Platin 5.1 Home Audio System

    Okay, I don’t have a home theater, but my son does. This Platin 5.1 Home Audio System has a refreshingly high-def audio sound. Seriously you can tell the difference in his large movie room. The Bluetooth, MPE, and CD audio with WiSA-certified wireless system gives you “up to eight channels of uncompressed 24-bit, 48 kHz sound with lightning-fast speaker synchronization.” I didn’t even mind watching Frozen for the 10th time and wanted to dance when the music came on because the music moved through me. A beautiful experience.

    McKinnon Carmera Pack 35L
    McKinnon Camera Pack 35L

    2. Photographer Backpack — Nomatic McKinnon Camera Pack 35L

    I had two different backpacks that I have loved for photo equipment. The first is the Nomatic McKinnon Camera Pack 35L. This pack is sleek and looks professional — and has tons of room. The dividers have room for all equipment, and you can customize all your stuff so that you can effectively carry it all. The balance of a pack means a lot to me because no one will carry my stuff for me — I carry my pack, and the balance is excellent. Also, there is a great walk-through vid on YouTube. Classy Classy Classy piece.

    I also liked these guys’ list of the best camera backpacks, and you can find some less expensive options.


    2.1. Photographer Backpack — Yukonbags.com

    Okay — I couldn’t help myself — I had to have this rugged little nugget—Napa Leather Backpack by Yukonbags. Yes, two photographer backpacks — I know — I got the “S” word used on me (selfish). Everyone at the office wants to borrow this one — I think because it looks like you can’t hurt it — and you probably can’t. Truly cool bag.

    evoc hip pack race 3L
    Evoc hip pack race 3L

    3. Photographer Fannypack — and another awesome fannypack

    Take a look at this list — it’s pretty extensive for anyone that wants to carry a nice-photographer-fannypack.

    The Evoc can hold a camera and works quite well. First, you take out the hydration bladder bag (included), and then your camera, tripod, and a couple of lenses will fit.

    Luke Case Leather Fanny Pack
    Luke Case Leather Fanny Pack

    I went for the Luke Case Leather fanny pack for the beautiful detail — but you don’t carry camera equipment in this. It looks “manly” for those that want a gift with class. It’s hard to find a suitable fannypack for photo equipment — just use a backpack or sling bags except on quick hikes. Otherwise, you still have several cameras hanging around your neck, and they get too heavy for your shoulders.

    The Love Box
    The Love Box

    4. The Lovebox

    This fantastic product is just too fun not to add. My boss at work has this Lovebox sitting on his desk. We hear actual chuckles from his corner of our open floor tech office, even on stress-laden days. The boss’s wife sends messages — often — and I think these messages are the only thing that keeps him sane in this crazy business. I’ve tried to look over his shoulder to read what’s in there — but he covers the message. Lovebox says its mission is to help people find happiness by caring for others. So if you want to UP your caring and connection — this is the gift to cheer someone’s day.

    Lumen Metabolism Tracker
    Lumen Metabolism Tracker

    5. Lumen — Metabolism Tracker

    The tech on this metabolism tracker has been around for years — but this newer little device helps you measure your metabolism. Lumen uses RER as the core data point (metric) measuring the CO2 in your breath. The device is so much easier than the expensive tests in the past — and measure metabolic fuel usage. So hop on the site and check this device out. When you measure and assess metabolic fuel usage, you can see whether you are burning carbohydrates vs. fats — and this is important. I can let you know better with the Valentine’s list day — when I’ve used it longer. But so far, the results are really interesting and promising to garner the best health ever.

    Neato Robot Vacuum
    Neato Robot Vacuum

    6. Neato Robot Vacuum

    I’ve tried several other robot vacuums that are mapping-type robot vacs. You’ll want to complete the setup (which is straightforward and easy) before doing a complete clean. Next, you can pick Eco and Turbo. The Turbo is a little loud — but worth the sound as it really is first-rate on the carpets and rugs. The Neato really cleans and has a sleek, modern look that I’ve been searching for. It has a good-sized bust bin that I have to empty about once a week if the vac runs every day.

    Intelli Scout Pro
    Intelli Scout Pro

    7. Intelli Scout Pro

    The Intelli Scout Pro is the world’s smallest 240w portable powerbank. They say that you can put this in your pocket — though lightweight, don’t slide in your pocket — it will pull down your pants! BUT wouldn’t be without the Scout Pro — I carry the powerbank everywhere in my backpack because it can charge FIVE things at once. No other product can do this. And with 240w, you are not waiting around all day for the charge — it’s fast. I can charge — my phone, watch, computer, iPad, and anything else you have to have charged quickly. Taking this charger to meetings has been a lifesaver. I charge my stuff at night — but when you head to meetings, at least one person won’t be charged, and you are the angel that has a charge. You don’t “accidentally” leave a “friend” with your cord either — because I leave the Scout Pro in my pack and the client connects to the wire. So no more buying extra chargers. You’ll love this!


    Get SureCall Fusion 5s 2.0 Booster for Large Spaces

    8. SureCall Signal Booster

    Well, we ran into a bit of a snag when my family bought the cabin during the summer this year. Yeah, the cell coverage is what the former owners called “lousy.” That was a compliment — they had had many services in there to “make it happen,” and, NO, they did not make it happen. Enter SureCall Signal Booster. Finally, “can you hear me now” has come true, and we can even work at the cabin and take important calls. You know those calls where a pricy client will be lost if you lose the connection? No problem — we’re covered — thank you, SureCall — sincerely.

    Car and Driver Intellidash
    Car and Driver Intellidash

    9. Car and Driver Intellidash with Apple Carplay

    A Smart Display device for your car. You can securely mount this sleek-looking gizmo in your car and have everything at your fingertips. No fussing with your phone while driving. This Intellidash with Apple Carplay has everything — suctions mounts securely to your dashboard or windshield yet can be taken off quickly. In addition, it has much-needed voice controls so you can make calls and play music without taking your eyes off the road.

    Car and Driver Dual View Dash Cam
    Car and Driver Dual View Dash Cam

    10. Car and Driver — Dual View Dash Cam

    I’ve never been a real fan of the backup camera — mostly because I’m older, and I still have to take a quick look to see if the camera is correct. Well, congrats, this camera is correct every time. This Dual View Dash Cam was a gift from my son, so I really hope to learn to trust technology better — it will help with my neck staining. And I hope I don’t get in an accident and need the camera recording that occurs “at the crucial instant with stunning clarity.” The camera is sleek and beautiful, doesn’t get in the way. I drove close to the departure lane, and the warning system worked great. Anytime another idiot driver (besides me) gets too close, the warning signal works. I wish I’d had one of these beauties in every car when I had teenagers.


    I have about ten more remarkable products to tell you about, but I better head home and get my house cleaned for the houseguests who will arrive later tonight.

    Happy Thanksgiving — enjoy your Thanksgiving tomorrow — but remember to order your holiday items early.

    Deanna Ritchie

    Deanna Ritchie

    Managing Editor at ReadWrite

    Deanna is the Managing Editor at ReadWrite. Previously she worked as the Editor in Chief for Startup Grind and has over 20+ years of experience in content management and content development.

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