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    Watters: Democrats can’t control the narrative when people are allowed to speak freely on social media

    Fox News host Jesse Watters slammed Democrats and their efforts to stamp out dissent to their far-left agenda during his opening monologue Saturday. 

    “Liberals destroy you when they can’t debate,” Watters began his monologue. “One thing we learned during the Trump term is the left will do whatever it takes to get their way. They will demolish anything and anyone who slows down their radical agenda. No matter how much blunt force it needs, they will make it a crime to resist them while ignoring real problems and real crimes their own policies are responsible for. They have gotten away with way too much. they have gotten cocky because the press, the prosecutors and the politicians are in on it. There are no guardrails. The only thing stopping them is we the people. This week the left crossed the line. It’s getting dangerous.”

    As an example of the left intimidating people who don’t fall in line, Watters referenced Democratic Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema being followed into a bathroom and harassed for not supporting President Biden’s $3.5 trillion spending bill. 


    “That’s the playbook. Don’t think for yourself. Just do what we want. Don’t try to persuade, just intimidate,” Watters said before citing the recent Facebook whistleblower who testified to Congress last week.

    “This week, a so-called whistleblower burst onto the scene with a similar message. Retained an Obama lawyer, appeared on ‘60 Minutes’ and testified on Capitol Hill the next day. And she happens to be speaking to the January 6 committee. Here she is begging for the federal government to control what information is allowed on Facebook,” Watters said.

    Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen, testified, “There needs to be a regulatory home for someone like me to do a tour of duty after working at a place like this and work on regulations and bring that information out to the oversight boards that have the right to do oversight.”

    Watters: “See what’s happening here? Total setup. Democrats in the media are conspiring with her so they can sink their hooks into big tech and have total control of the information flow.”

    Watters also mentioned how Biden’s Justice Department is seeking to intimidate parents who oppose critical race theory curriculum, mask mandates and far-left indoctrination into silence. 

    “Now, you can’t protest peacefully in Joe Biden’s America. Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland is trying to prosecute parents who fight back against woke school boards,” Watters said. “The DOJ is now treating those outspoken parents as domestic terrorists and threatening moms and dads with visits from FBI task forces because left-wing teachers can’t take the heat at these school board meetings for teaching critical race theory — which they say they don’t — allowing boys in girls’ restrooms and masking kids at the school.”


    He concluded his monologue on how Democrats are ignoring real problems unfolding across the country. 

    “Real problems are happening all across the country, and they are completely ignoring them,” Watters said. “Crime skyrocketing in the liberal cities after they defunded the police. Americans are still stuck in Afghanistan under Taliban control. The FBI and Democrats illegally surveilling Republicans. The list goes on and on. The left will stop at nothing in their quest for total control, even if it means destroying America and innocent civilians and our Constitution. But we won’t let them.” 

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