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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

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    GHS students walk out in protest of mask issue in first week

    GAYLORD — A small group of Gaylord High School students who refused to wear masks at the start of the school year this week snowballed into a sizable walkout of an estimated 75 people Thursday and Friday. 

    Some say they feel they’ve been lied to — by state and local officials who initially indicated that mask-wearing would be optional for students at the start of this year, and by school administrators, who reportedly assured them they wouldn’t be punished for protesting the rules, junior Fayth Sanom said. School officials have not replied to requests for comment.

    Sanom said she and her fellow students plan to continue their noncompliance next week if nothing changes, despite reports that such actions could result in suspension, loss of class time, and the possibility of being barred from extracurricular activities. The latter could pose issues for the school’s football season, which is just now underway. 

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