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    The Inside Outside Guys: Whose land is it?

    Years ago, the Inside Guy purchased an old farm property on some acreage. The property included a barn and other out buildings. A month after the purchase, the neighbor to the west strolled down to say hello and proclaim that the barn encroached on his land by 2 feet.

    A re-survey by the company that placed the original boundary stakes verified that there was no encroachment by the barn. Lawsuit avoided.

    Accurately defining specific parcels of land is a critical function of surveying since land ownership by private citizens has been the backbone of great civilizations. Surveying is said to be one of the world’s oldest profession’s going all the way back to the creation of the Egyptian Land Register in 3,000 BC. Indeed, surveyors were considered upper-class citizens in that culture.

    One of the critical principles of growing this country was the concept of individual land ownership and land rights. Washington, Lincoln, Adams and Jefferson all started as land surveyors. Battles over land ownership and boundaries have been waged throughout history.

    Even the infamous Mason/Dixon line is the actual result of a four-year survey ordered to resolve a boundary dispute between Pennsylvania and Maryland.

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