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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

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    Horror movie ‘We Need to Do Something’ made in Detroit during COVID-19

    A movie about a family huddled together inside a house, leery of unknown dangers lurking outside and nearing a claustrophobic meltdown? Sounds like last year’s COVID-19 quarantine.

    The hook of “We Need To Do Something,” however, isn’t a deadly virus. The taut horror film from IFC Midnight concerns a suburban father, mother, daughter and son who are stuck in a bathroom after a massive storm.

    But there’s no ignoring the subtext. It was made in 2020 in metro Detroit during the pandemic by a small cast and crew that could relate to the confinement and anxiety of the story’s characters.

    “We Need To Do Something” opens Friday at the Emagine Royal Oak and will be available the same day for streaming and video on demand.

    Director Sean King O’Grady, who lives in Detroit, and producer Bill Stertz, who’s in West Bloomfield, spoke via Zoom from a work trip to Los Angeles about immersing themselves in a project so similar to the pandemic.

    The movie stars Pat Healy (“The Post”) and Vinessa Shaw (“Ray Donovan”) as the bickering parents, Sierra McCormick (“The Vast of Night”) as their teenage daughter, who is carrying a mysterious sense of guilt, and and John James Cronin (“NOS4A2”) as their young son.

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