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    Journalist Danny Fenster detained in Myanmar for 100 days

    The metro Detroit family of detained journalist Danny Fenster is renewing calls for his release as they marked Tuesday his 100th day in captivity in Myanmar. 

    “As we hit day one hundred today, so many emotions … sadness, depression, hope,” Fenster’s mother, Rose Fenster of Huntington Woods, said Wednesday at an online press conference. “It continues to be tough, but we are grateful for our community support, family support, local government support, and everybody who’s been helpful.”

    Danny’s father, Buddy, and his brother, Bryan, also spoke at the press conference that highlighted the fact that Fenster, 37, still remains behind bars without charges brought against him since his arrest in May. His next court hearing is Sept. 6, they said. 

    The court hearings “are only a few minutes long, and then he’s remanded back to the prison for another two weeks,” said Bryan Fenster. “It’s been a little more difficult, too, because of their lockdown there. COVID is pretty bad. So all these areas have been virtual. So the embassy has not really had access for these virtual hearings.”

    Rose and Buddy Fenster of Huntington Woods, parents of Danny Fenster, speak Aug. 31 during an online press conference marking the 100th day of Danny's detention in Myanmar. Danny Fenster worked as a magazine editor there.

    His mother said he probably has COVID-19. 

    “We last were able to speak with Danny on August 1st and he stated to us that he most probably did have COVID,” Rose said. “He was still having some brain fog, loss of sense of taste and smell, some fatigue.”

    He has not been tested for COVID-19 and not vaccinated, she said. 

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