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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

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    Fire breaks out at Oakland County golf club, burning all carts

    White Lake Township — A fire broke out at the Brentwood Golf Club and Banquet Hall early Saturday morning, destroying its fleet of carts but leaving employees and golf courses unharmed. 

    “The golf operations crew wasn’t even in yet,” said JerryDomeneck, Brentwood’s general manager on Sunday. “One of the maintenance crew heard some pops and saw smoke in the distance towards the clubhouse area. He called the superintendent, who called 911.” 

    Barbie Graham Livezey, who lives near the golf club, was letting her puppy out when the fire broke out. 

    “I saw the smoke and I thought they were gun shots that I heard,” said Livezey. “It was unsettling.” 

    Within 25 minutes, the 4,320-square-foot cart center which held 80 golf carts and the club’s beverage cart, alongside other equipment and machinery, was engulfed in flames, said Domeneck. 

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