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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

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    Climate change has hit home. What will government do about it?

    “When will these big storms stop?”

    That’s what my 11-year-old wanted to know, as we dumped from the fridge food spoiled after three days without electricity.

    Then we called her cousin to make sure their home survived the fires raging through their west coast community.

    We also helped a neighbor toss out moldy memories lost when her basement flooded for a third time this summer.

    This year the climate crisis hit home, worse than ever before. But it’s far from new. I wrote my senior thesis about climate change back in 1998.

    I had to explain to my daughter that unfortunately it’s not likely to stop; in fact the world’s top scientists say it’s only going to get worse. But how much worse depends on the actions of our government’s leaders.

    Individuals can and should do what they can. My family is always careful to turn off lights and get the most energy-efficient appliances we can afford. We are a one-car family and we bought a house where we can walk to restaurants, bike to the park and bus to work.

    But individual actions are limited by the options available to us. We depend on our government to provide us safe, affordable, reliable options. That’s especially true for things like transportation.

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