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Thursday, December 9, 2021

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    Afghanis who fell to death from US transport plane had names

    Leonard Pitts Jr.

    Last week, at least two men fell from a U.S. military plane as it climbed into the skies above Afghanistan.

    In video taken from the ground, they are so small you almost have to squint to see them. They seem roughly the size of a period, the end to some sentence no one wrote. But no, we are told those figures are Afghan men, plunging to their deaths.

    One can only marvel at the desperation captured in footage of the chaos at the airport in Kabul as the United States began evacuating its personnel from Afghanistan. People climbed on a jet bridge like ants on sugar. Dozens ran down the runway alongside the taxiing plane. And then there were the men who clung to the airship as it lifted from the ground.

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