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Monday, December 6, 2021

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    Kat O’Brien says she was raped by MLB player as a sports reporter

    INDIANAPOLIS — Kat O’Brien remembers sitting in her car shaking after the rape, looking down at her blue-and-white skirt. Why did she wear a skirt for the interview? Never mind it was blazing hot in Texas.

    She blamed herself for agreeing to meet in his hotel room. She blamed herself every way she could.

    Did she not say no forcefully enough? Did she give off some vibe she had no idea she’d given off? Her mind went to so many things maybe she didn’t do right, so many things maybe she did do wrong.

    If only she had done something differently. Maybe she wouldn’t be sitting in her car shaking. Maybe she wouldn’t be home later that night in 2002 inside her apartment drinking a bottle of red wine, trying to wash away the horror.

    The horror of being raped by a Major League Baseball player. 

    O’Brien knows now at 41, nearly two decades later, older and wiser — and having finally spoken out about what happened — that none of it was her fault.

    But then, the overwhelming devastation left her questioning everything.  

    ‘It was traumatic and scary’

    O’Brien was a 22-year-old sports reporter in 2002, a recent Notre Dame graduate who had been a sports writer for the university’s newspaper. She was good at her job, really good.

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