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    Bakery’s food-safety issues have former worker worried

    Dear Abby: A year ago I was working at a small wholesale bakery with maybe 15 employees. While I was there, the place was overrun with food-safety issues, including mice, allergen cross-contact issues and poor employee hygiene practices. At the time, the owner was working on fixing some of the problems, but not fast enough for my taste. Although he was never my favorite person, he was clearly overwhelmed with running a business and didn’t have the resources to fix the problems.

    Now that I have been gone for some time, I’m on the fence about whether I should leave an online review or comment detailing some of the problems. I don’t want to hurt a struggling business, and it’s possible these problems have been fixed, but there is no way for me to know for sure because I am no longer there. Personally, I think customers should know about these issues before purchasing their products, but I don’t want to stick my nose where it shouldn’t go. Even if I leave a review anonymously, there is always a chance they will find out. Advice?

    — Possible Whistleblower

    Dear Whistleblower: I agree customers of that bakery should know there are possible problems. Rather than leave an anonymous review, contact the health department in your city and report the conditions you observed. It should trigger an inspection of the place. Your personal feelings about the owner have nothing to do with this. The cross-contamination you described could trigger a possibly fatal allergic reaction. And the vermin infestation and poor hygiene practices of the employees could cause someone to become seriously ill.

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