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    Detroit Tigers’ AJ Hinch changes mind, will rest Miguel Cabrera for series finale in Baltimore

    Baltimore — Tigers manager AJ Hinch is so meticulous and thorough in his preparation, he almost never wavers after he makes a decision. 

    This one was different. It didn’t feel right. It kept eating at him. He slept on it. And on Thursday morning, he changed his mind. 

    After announcing Wednesday night that Miguel Cabrera, one home run shy of 500 for his career, would start on Thursday, Hinch decided to rest him. 

    “I really wanted to play him, but I when I got back into the clubhouse and the more I thought about it, the more I didn’t feel good about it,” Hinch said. “I see what Miggy has to do to prepare himself. It was close to midnight (after the Tigers’ 5-2 win) and he’s in the tub and getting his postgame treatment. 

    “I took a shower, went back to the hotel and I still didn’t feel good about it. But I told myself I will sleep on it.”

    Miguel Cabrera is not in the Tigers' starting lineup for Thursday's series finale in Baltimore.

    When he woke up, he first texted Cabrera, then general manager Al Avila, who is on the trip, and then had a conversation with president and CEO Christopher Ilitch. All were on board with the change of plans.

    “I wanted everyone to understand, before they read it in a Tweet or a story, that’s what the motivation was and I wanted to be clear with my motivation to the organization as to why I changed my mind,” Hinch said.

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