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Thursday, December 2, 2021

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    Husband’s alcoholism now pits him against teenaged son

    Dear Abby: Sometimes when my husband, “Tom,” drinks he becomes volatile. A month ago, after being out drinking, he came home very late. I made a joke that upset him and he started yelling and calling me names. I have learned that when Tom gets like that, it’s best to just agree with him.

    On that occasion, it didn’t work, and he began breaking things. Our teenage son “Eric” was so scared he called the police. When the police arrived they told my husband who had placed the call and interviewed each of us separately. After they left, Tom called Eric ugly names, told him he was done with him and hasn’t spoken to him since. If they are in the same room, my husband won’t look at him or talk to him.

    I don’t know how to fix this. I worry about how this will affect Eric. He tries to avoid his dad now and goes to his room when he hears his dad come home.

    Bad Behavior in Texas

    Dear Bad Behavior: Your husband may blame his abusive outbursts on his drinking, but as you can see, he’s well aware of what he did after he sobers up. Eric was right to call the police because, after “breaking things,” his father could have gone after you.

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