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    The Inside Outside Guys: The original green industry

    What do disinfecting wipes, LCD screens, Rayon and toothpaste have in common with homes?

    All use wood products. Highly sustainable, good for the earth, wood products.

    The Guys have claimed for many years the housing industry was “green” long before it was fashionable.

    “Green” is supposed to indicate, in its purest terms, the life-cycle “cost” to planet Earth of creating and implementing the intended use of a product or material over time.

    For example, creating a single battery has a very high relative “cost” in mining, manufacture, packaging, shipping, longevity, re-cycle-ability, etc. when compared to many of the building products we use.

    Most of the materials used in housing are very low cost in this regard. One of the pricier materials in the initial mining and manufacture is the cement used in concrete and masonry. But cement tends to offset it’s initial “earth cost” with the longevity of the product and the fact it is recyclable.

    Latest Posts


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